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This is who we are.

Founded in September 2009 as a grassroots community action group, MTPRC's aim is to focus on strengthening the human - animal bond through education, compassion, and community action.

MTPRC brings together news and events relating to domestic pets and other animals in Middle Tennessee and around the globe. We also hold annual community action events including "HayDay", "Heart HayDay" and "Made In The Shade".

We work for the welfare of ALL animals, specifically aiming to build unity for pets and their guardians.

  • We are 100% volunteer run, and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • Our goal is kindness and compassion for all life.
  • We promote and support Plant Based Diets, Spay/Neuter, Pet Adoption vs Breeding.

Our focus:


We work hard to educate owners on responsible pet ownership and show them how rewarding the relationship with their pet can be. We also offer emotional and sometimes financial support to pet owners in an effort to keep pets with their owners and out of shelters.

Community Action

Actions definitely speak louder than words! Through our Action Events, MTPRC aims to raise awareness of the plight of many domestic pets in Middle Tennessee who live outside year round with limited shelter and protection from the elements.

Upcoming Events

No events are scheduled at this time. If you'd like to participate in future events or our follow-up activities, contact us today!

MTPRC holds three annual Action Events: HayDay, Heart HayDay, & Made In The Shade. We also occasionally become involved with projects to build fences for dogs in need, and respond to requests for help throughout the year. Additionally, volunteers follow-up on dogs and families we've visited during our annual events all year-round, providing assistance and supplies where needed.


Our first HayDay in 2009 had just 6 volunteers. By its 5th anniversary in 2014 the number had grown to nearly 60! On HayDay, MTPRC volunteers go out into the community and distribute free hay, blankets, dog houses, food, treats, and toys to neglected, chained, and penned dogs living outside in Middle Tennessee. HayDay is a great way of offering a helping hand to those in need.

 Heart HayDay

With more animals in need of warming supplies during the winter months than one event can handle, we began our annual Heart HayDay event in 2012. The event was set to coincide with Valentine's Day as a reminder that a Valentine doesn't necessarily have to be human.

As with all our events, volunteers go out in small groups with an experienced team leader to deliver supplies including hay/straw, dog coats, dog toys, dog treats.

 Made In The Shade

Made In The Shade is an effort to bring cooling supplies, toys, food, & treats to dogs in the heat of the summer. Again, educational materials are provided for their owners in MTPRC's continuing attempt to promote the human-animal bond.

MTPRC volunteers deliver tarps, dog houses, cedar shavings, water buckets, pools, and durable dog toys. We work to create shaded spaces for neglected, chained, and penned dogs in Nashville. As always, we attempt to establish a dialog with the pet owners in an effort to bring these outside dogs inside and fully integrate them into the family.

 Join Us!

MTPRC is made up of folks just like you, who care about animals and want to make a difference. We've all been there; we've seen a dog sitting outside in the pouring rain or searing heat, neglected, bored, and alone. Just like you, we wanted to help, but didn't necessarily know what to do. You're not alone.

Join us, as we continue to help Make Tennessee a Place That Really Cares. To get involved, contact us through the form below.

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